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Whether you're packaging flowers, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls or anything else, we've got you covered.

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Let's Turn Your Ideas into the Best Packaging Design that the Market Will Remember

We'll combine your unique design ideas with the latest trends to create effective packaging designs.

We have a professional team of consultants to provide all-round assistance for your branding and design. We know how to keep costs down while keeping our products beautiful, and we want to make sure your custom packaging experience is as painless as it is affordable.

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Mylar Bags Mylar Bags

Mylar Bags

Cigar Bags Cigar Bags

Cigar Bags

Tobacco Pouches Tobacco Pouches

Tobacco Pouches

CUSTOMIZE Tobacco Pouches
Paper Boxes Paper Boxes

Paper Boxes

Rolling Papers Rolling Papers

Rolling Papers

CUSTOMIZE Rolling Papers
Smoking Trays Smoking Trays

Smoking Trays

CUSTOMIZE Smoking Trays
Filter Tips Filter Tips

Filter Tips

Pre Roll Tubes Pre Roll Tubes

Pre Roll Tubes

CUSTOMIZE Pre Roll Tubes
Concentrate Containers Concentrate Containers

Concentrate Containers

CUSTOMIZE Concentrate Containers

Custom Packaging Services

we are looking forward to faithful cooperation with you.

Custom Bags
Custom Bags

1669788496152365.png Bag type: stand up pouch, three side seal bag, zipper bag, special shape bag, spout pouch, flat bottom pouch, side gussest pouch, pouch with window, etc.

1669788496152365.png Features: childproof, smell proof, soft touch, etc.

li.png Material: recyclable and biodegradable (PE, LDPE,PET, AL, MOPP, BOPP, VMPET, CPP, PA, Paper, PLA, PBAT, EVOHPE, etc.)

li.png Surface handling: gravure printing, digital printing, offset printing, etc.

Custom Boxes

li.png Box type: display box, drawer box, hook box, shaped box, box with window, etc.

li.png Material: recyclable and biodegradable (whiteboard, kraft paper, coated paper, gold and silver cardboard, corrugated paper, etc.)

li.png Post-press: lamination process, oil polishing, hot stamping process, embossing, UV process, etc.

Custom Boxes
Custom Smoking Accessories
Custom Smoking Accessories

li.png Can be customized rolling papers, smoking tips, rolling trays, cigarette cases, pre-roll cones, pre roll tubes, etc.

1669788496152365.png Materials are optional recyclable and biodegradable

Custom Concentrate Containers

1669788496152365.png Customizable jars, bottles, tubes, dropper, etc.

1669788496152365.png Materials can be recyclable and biodegradable.

Custom Concentrate Containers

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